Amazon In-Garage Delivery 介绍:直接将包裹放到车库内【11/25 更新:试用得 $10 Amazon Credit】

随着丢包裹的越来越多,Amazon 想出了一个奇招,将包裹直接放到你的车库里(当然你得首先有个车库…),主要有以下几个优点:

  1. 安全,避免包裹被偷;
  2. 无接触式投递;
  3. 不在家也可以收包裹,不用再丢到门口了。



11/25/2023 更新:12/31/2023 之前,试用此服务可获得 $10 Amazon Credit,活动链接


08/02/2021 更新:09/30/2021 之前,试用此服务可获得 $40 Amazon 礼卡,活动链接

09/20/2020 更新:11/15/2020 之前,试用此服务可获得 $30 Amazon 礼卡。

试用获得 $10 Amazon 礼卡

12/31/2023之前,试用 Key for Garage 的服务,可以获得 $10 的 Amazon Credit)。offer 详情在这里

首先自己家车库门的开关要能使用 MyQ,可以在这里查看自己的型号是否符合。然后将 MyQ 和 Amazon Key 连接起来,购物的时候选择 In-Garage Delivery,并使用优惠码 “KEY10”,就可以获得 $10 的 Credit 了。


  1. 必须是 Prime 会员(点击试用);
  2. 必须是第一次使用 In-Garage 投递方式;
  3. $10 的 credit 会在第一单下单 24 小时后发放到账户里,可用于下一次 In-Garage Delivery;
  4. $10 只能用于 “sold by Amazon” 的产品。

Terms and Conditions: Customer must place their In-Garage Delivery order using the Amazon Key service by December 31st, 2023 at 11:59 pm PST to qualify for the promotional credit. To receive the $10 Amazon credit you must (1) be a Prime member with a compatible garage; (2) set up In-Garage Delivery (3) received this offer directly from Amazon or a partner through email or online display advertisements, (4) include promo code KEY10 when making such first qualifying order. The $10 Amazon Credit will be applied to your In-Garage Delivery. Offer available only to Amazon Prime members with a compatible Smart Garage in select areas. You can check your area eligibility here: Qualifying order and all future promotional orders only apply to products sold by (look for “sold by”). Promotion not valid on Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh Orders. Products sold by third-party sellers or other Amazon entities will not qualify for this offer, even if “fulfilled by” or “Prime Eligible”. Offer does not apply to digital content. Offer good while supplies last. Shipping charges and taxes may apply to the full value of discounted and free promotional items. Offer limited to one per customer and Prime account. The maximum benefit you may receive from this offer is one $10 Amazon credit. This offer may not be combined with other offers and may not be applied to an In-Garage Delivery previously completed. Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time. Unless an Amazon Gift Card is the stated benefit of the promotion, promotional codes (including those placed directly in accounts) may not be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards. Except as required by law, the Amazon Credit cannot be transferred for value or redeemed for cash. This offer is non-transferable and may not be resold. The Amazon Credit will be allocated proportionally among all promotional items in your order. If the total amount of the order to which the Amazon Credit is applied is less than $10, the remaining amount of the Amazon Credit will be applied to future purchases using In-Garage Delivery until the Amazon Credit is depleted. If any of the products related to this offer are returned, your refund will equal the amount you paid for the product, subject to applicable refund policies. If you violate any of these terms, the offer will be invalid. Offer only valid for invited Amazon customers who have received this offer directly from Amazon or a partner through email or online display advertisements.

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